Danny Rocco

zounds! was a delectably funny and heartfelt production by the Floor Five Theatre Company. It celebrated the ensemble's strengths and educated me on the crazed, intricate relationships of the Greek God atmosphere! It's really challenging to write for large ensembles, and Gribanova not only found a way to do that, but she also personalized the characters for her team in such a specific, thoughtful way. Mejia's directorial debut was smooth and alive, with great care for the emotional truth of the characters. Floor Five has some really wonderful talent and this show let its actors and  designers sing through and through. I support them and you should too! I can't wait to see what they do next!

– Danny Rocco, playwright and producer, Brontosaurus Haircut Productions

Carol Lee Sirugo

I was blown away by Floor Five Theatre Company's recent production of zounds!. Beautifully written by Veronika Gribanova, expertly directed by Kevin Mejia and performed by a gifted cast of young actors who truly understand the meaning of ensemble work. I was captivated from beginning to end by both the story and exuberance of this company.
I can't wait to see what this talented bunch breathes life into next....
- Carol Lee Sirugo, performer, writer, director, founder of Comic Gold Workshops and Found in New York Productions

Lico Whitfield

Floor Five Theatre Company can be counted on for bringing a new and unique voice of comedy and truth to New York's independent theater community. They are a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to watch on stage.

– Lico Whitfield, The Amoralists Producing Director and Atlantic Acting School Associate Producer

P. S. Lutz

zounds! is a ensemble marvel - enlightening, unhinged, exuberant, vortical, and progressive.  The spirit of the performance was intoxicatingly high, a joy and privilege to witness. Thank you for sharing your particular grace of movement and comic stillness and my gratitude to your fellow performers and, assuredly, to Veronika and Kevin.  Be doused forever by such a good-spirited community.

– P. S. Lutz, composer, author, and performer, Founder of Cakewood Creative Arts

Monica Sanborn

zounds! was an extraordinary, electric and powerful show. This ensemble is fierce and takes the stage and your heart by storm. A must see!
- Monica Sanborn, actor, director, writer, and arts & culture curator

Welker White &
Damian Young

Having worked with Floor Five Theatre Co. and having seen their debut production of zounds! we can safely say: this is a group to keep your eye on. The company’s  imagination, energy, and distinct point of view represents an exciting new voice on the theatre scene. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Floor Five.

– Welker White & Damian Young, actors and founders of The Moving Frame

Dr. Joan Melton

zounds! was a delight! From email invitations to the elegant program, to a great set, flawless direction, lighting and sound, to actors who held our attention from beginning to end, it was a production to remember. The heart of the matter was an excellent script, which was solid and well-shaped. Congratulations and very best wishes to Floor Five!

– Dr. Joan Melton, writer, researcher and voice/movement specialist

Kaila Stokes

Floor Five Theatre Company truly brings the spirit and energy into developing new work in an edgy way. As a whole, these artists are dedicated to this theater company that allows ALL artists to express themselves. I can’t wait to see what comes next!  
- Kaila Stokes, Marketing Manager, Atlantic Acting School