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By Nick Christophers - May. 12, 2019
It is always nice to see indie artists working to spread their wings until that long-anticipated call from Broadway comes to raise their bar. In many studios and small underground theatres in Manhattan, which are plenty, creative minds are at work at feverish rates…



Starr Street Media

By Jean Franco - Dec. 21, 2018
Theater Review: "zounds!", A Tale of Narcissists
 zounds! a play by Veronika Gribanova directed by Kevin Mejia was an extremely entertaining modern retelling of the Trojan War through the perspective of the Greek gods…




By BWW News Desk - Nov. 13, 2018
Floor Five Theatre Company, in association with Atlantic Acting School, presents: zounds!, a comedy about the Greek gods during the Trojan war…




By TheaterMania.com
In the ninth year of the war, Zeus has put the gods under house arrest on Mount Olympus. The humans are losing their faith, losing their lives...